Naman Kasliwal

Naman Kasliwal, YC alum and PillarPlus co-founder, led 800+ AEC projects, now heads CapitalxAI, and advocates for green energy.

Naman Kasliwal

Naman Kasliwal, a Y-Combinator alumnus and co-founder of PillarPlus, has significantly influenced the AEC industry. His firm, after raising $1M in seed capital, became highly profitable and completed over 800 MEP engineering design projects in 22 countries.

PillarPlus was part of the YC W20 batch.
Drawing on his strong expertise in investor relations and four years of B2B outreach, Kasliwal is now pioneering CapitalxAI.

His contributions extend to developing ResourcePlan, a groundbreaking CRM that has revolutionized the A/E industry with its efficient, analytics-driven approach.

His research on rail crew optimization for the Mumbai suburban railway system led to a publication with Springer Nature. It was presented at the prestigious OR conference in 2019, held in Germany. The project also received coverage in national newspapers, including The Times of India (TOI).

A strong proponent of green energy, Kasliwal has advocated for decentralized solar plants in rural India.

His technological prowess also includes working with the Indian Army to develop landmine detection algorithms.

Leveraging his experience in building relationships with investors, along with four years of B2B outreach expertise, and integrating generative AI, CapitalxAI is an ambitious project automating the roles of an IR representative, business analyst, and outreach specialist.

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