Raise money for business with AI tools

Close your round in ½ the time with 60k+ investor contacts, expert team, and an advanced technology stack.

The superior way to raise funds for business

To meet capital needs, businesses mainly choose between equity and debt financing.

Startup Consulting Excellence with In-Depth Investor List Insights.

Equity financing

Access capital through equity financing, aligning growth with investor success.

Your Gateway to Success: Startup Consulting and Investor Networking Solutions.

Debt financing

Retain business control, enjoy tax benefits, and predictable financial planning.

Widen your search across all investors

Comprehensive Startup Consulting with Custom Investor List Development.


Raise capital via crowdfunding platforms to gain diverse support and resources for your venture.

Navigate Startup Funding with our Expert Consulting and Investor Connections.

Friends and family

Secure investments from friends and family, often with flexible terms and focused on helping your business.

Achieve Startup Milestones with Professional Consulting and Investor Outreach.

Angel investors

Attract high net-worth individuals offering capital for substantial returns or equity, aligned with their interests.

Get Your Startup Funded: Consulting Services with Extensive Investor Contacts.


Grow your business sustainably with minimal resources, using internal revenue and profits.

Innovative Startup Consulting with Access to Exclusive Investor Lists.

Venture capitals

Secure venture capital funding for equity, gaining expertise and resources for high-growth potential.

Startup Growth Accelerated: Professional Consulting and Investor Network Access.


Access small loans for entrepreneurs with early-stage business needs, as an alternative to traditional financing.

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Small business aministration

Leverage support from the SBA to secure capital and benefit from governmental assistance.

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Banks and alternative lending

Explore traditional bank loans or alternative lending options for various funding needs for your business.

Your ambition meets future-focused fundraising

Leading the Way in Startup Consulting and Investor Relationship Building.

Funding support

Access vital funding with links to 60k+ investors, accelerating your business growth.

Unlock Potential with Our Startup Consulting and Investor Matching Expertise.

Targeted AI matchmaking

Use AI to efficiently connect with ideal firm representatives based on targeted criteria.

Empower Your Startup with Expert Consulting and a Diverse Investor Network.

All-in-one solution

Utilize effectively tailored and diverse solutions enhancing your deal's success rate.

Expert Guidance in Startup Fundraising with Strategic Investor List Compilation.

Intelligent global outreach

Enhance global reach with time-zone-aligned messaging and automated follow-ups.

Campaign management

Improve investor communication and save time with a campaign execution manager.

Startup Consulting Excellence with In-Depth Investor List Insights.

Insightful live reporting

Receive real-time investor reports for strategic insights and improved engagement.

Tips while raising money 

Startup Growth Consulting with a Focus on Building Investor Relationships.

Smart deal navigation

Understand investor and lender terms for a fair valuation and rights protection, crucial for securing optimal deals.

Strategic Startup Consulting and Investor List Services for Optimal Funding.

Bookkeeping essentials

Maintain impeccable financial records for organizational success, enhancing credibility with potential investors.

Startup Investor Fundraising Consultant & List To Raise Capital.

Impactful business pitch

Craft a clear, unique pitch to captivate investors, showcasing how their support will advance your vision.

Expert Startup Consultant Offering Tailored Investor List Solutions.

Innovative fundraising

Adopt creative strategies in fundraising to tell your story, essential for engaging investors uniquely.

Maximize Your Funding with Our Customized Investor Lists and Startup Consulting.

Passion as a driver

Use your enthusiasm to distinguish and elevate your business, inspiring interest and commitment among stakeholders.

Our expertise 

Expert guidance for efficient and fast fundraising to steer and accelerate your business's financial success.

Leading Startup Consultancy Services with Comprehensive Investor Networking.

Persuasive investor outreach

Leverage our expertise in crafting compelling pitches to boost your fundraising success.

Get Your Startup Funded: Consulting Services with Extensive Investor Contacts.

Insightful tracking reports

Access real-time investor reports for strategic insights and improved engagement.

Innovative Startup Consulting with Access to Exclusive Investor Lists.

Our promise to be  prompt

Enjoy our swift 12-hour response commitment for seamless connections with investors.

Your Gateway to Success: Startup Consulting and Investor Networking Solutions.

Tailored investor engagement

Maximize fundraising success with 50-600 tailored investor engagements per deal.

Frequently asked questions

We help you navigate the fundraising landscape. Find answers about our services and processes. Reach out to us for further help!.

What are the funding options provided by CapitalxAI?

CapitalxAI is your gateway to the ideal capital solution for your business. Specializing in comprehensive fundraising services, we stand as the world's most efficient and effective platform, boasting thousands of successful transactions in our track record.

What is the real challenge of finding funds for my business?

Entrepreneurs and investors often struggle to secure funding because they need to develop detailed business plans covering aspects like the model, market size, competition, product development, marketing, cost efficiency, management strength, and strategic roadmap.

How can CapitalxAI help me fund my business and raise capital?

CapitalxAI is a streamlined service platform that connects startups to a vast network of over 60k+ investors, including VC firms and angel investors. Depending on your chosen plan, it can enable up to hundreds of investor interactions per month.

Why should I choose CapitalxAI to raise funds?

CapitalxAI streamlines the journey to finding the ideal investment partner by constructing a tailored funnel of interested investors using AI and automation. Our goal is to make accessing investors both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Is it necessary for startups to raise money by funding?

Securing investment is beneficial if you're aiming to accelerate growth beyond what bootstrapping allows. It enables expansion into new areas and attracts the talent necessary to compete with well-funded competitors. Additionally, it broadens your advisory board, as investors contribute valuable insights and connections.

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