Shreya Kasliwal

Shreya Kasliwal, CTO of CapitalxAI, manages the Gen-AI fundraising stack, AI models, and client onboarding.

Shreya Kasliwal

Shreya Kasliwal, CTO at CapitalxAI, is an alumna of IIT Bombay, one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India.

She previously worked at NoBroker, India’s leading prop-tech unicorn, where she was responsible for overseeing the property discovery platform as a Product Manager. Before that, she worked as a Business Analyst at Hyperverge, an AI startup that partners with industry giants such as Reliance for AI-based face recognition technology.

She is a founding member of ResourcePlan, overseeing the development of the SaaS platform for U.S. architectural engineering firms to manage construction projects. Shreya worked on designing the integration of analytics, forecasting, and a payment gateway.

Her experience at PillarPlus, a Y-Combinator startup, involved leading the marketing department and devising growth initiatives.

Shreya masterfully orchestrates the intersection of AI technology and strategic client success.

At CapitalxAI, Shreya manages fundraising tech, AI models, and client success, working with founders of startups, managers of hedge funds, and investment banks. She ensures that clients’ business models are understood and their campaigns are effectively set up to achieve their business goals.

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