Compliance, security, and privacy

A security-first mindset that’s rooted in our core value of trust.

Stringent security controls

Startup Growth Accelerated: Professional Consulting and Investor Network Access

Annual security training

Elevate employee expertise by partnering with a top security firm for training in 13 key areas.

Unlock Potential with Our Startup Consulting and Investor Matching Expertise.

Phishing testing

Monthly phishing simulations for all the staff with highly realistic mock phishing emails.

Startup Success Partner: Consulting Services and Investor List Management.

Secure design

Connect with confidence, granting the minimal level of access to meet control objectives.

Data security, privacy, and compliance

Expert Guidance in Startup Fundraising with Strategic Investor List Compilation.


Enhanced security with AWS for secure virtual management and better security posture.

Transform Your Startup with our Consultancy Services and Investor Networking.

SOC type 2

Ensuring compliance, security, availability, and confidentiality as per SOC Type 2 standards.

Startup Consulting Excellence with In-Depth Investor List Insights.


We'll process valid removal requests from any location if submitted by a qualified party.


Your Gateway to Success: Startup Consulting and Investor Networking Solutions

Web application firewall

Enhanced security with automatic updates on the latest threats around the world.

Comprehensive Startup Consulting with Custom Investor List Development.


Unparalleled protection against DNS hijacking threats, ensuring the utmost security for your online activities.

Navigate Startup Funding with our Expert Consulting and Investor Connections.


Require TLS 1.2 for data in transit and encryption at rest for all instances and databases.


Achieve Startup Milestones with Professional Consulting and Investor Outreach.

Endpoint detection response

Elevate security measures with the added layer of EDR, providing advanced protection for your endpoints.

Leading the Way in Startup Consulting and Investor Relationship Building.

Advanced persistent threat detection

Robust cybersecurity through ATP solutions, with expert-driven threat detection. 

Specialized Startup Consulting Services with Targeted Investor List Generation.

DNS filtering

Effectively block malicious requests with endpoint security by using Advanced DNS Filtering.


Empower Your Startup with Expert Consulting and a Diverse Investor Network.

Static code analysis

Get the highest standards of code quality and security by including a static code analysis.

Startup Growth Consulting with a Focus on Building Investor Relationships.

Third party library scanning

Prevent inclusion of vulnerable code with a top-tier third-party security solution. 

Strategic Startup Consulting and Investor List Services for Optimal Funding.

Credential checking

Enhance security by proactively scanning the codebase for credentials to prevent unintended merges.

Frequently asked questions

We help you navigate the fundraising landscape. Find answers about our services and processes. Reach out to us for further help!.

What exactly is AI-powered fundraising as a service?

AI-powered fundraising as a service leverages artificial intelligence to help startups and founders to raise capital. Our service helps in preparing a list of investors, analyzing their focus areas, personalizing your pitch, and automating the outreach process to book meetings on your behalf.

How does your service align my startup with investor interests?

Each outreach message is hyper-personalized for the specific investor it's targeted towards. We take into account the investor's interests, past investments, and recent activities on Twitter, LinkedIn, articles, and awards, thereby increasing the likelihood of a favorable response.

What platforms do you use for automating the outreach?

Our proprietary AI-powered platform handles all aspects of outreach automation. It integrates with popular emailing and calendar apps to automatically book meetings, ensuring that the process is seamless and efficient.

Are you limited to any particular industries?

Our algorithms are designed to be versatile and can accommodate startups from various industries. We continuously update our database to include investors from emerging markets and sectors as well.

What are the fees involved?

We offer various pricing plans tailored to suit different needs and budgets. Specific details can be discussed during our initial consultation, which is free of charge.

What is your refund policy?

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and satisfaction to our clients. However, due to the nature of our service and the resources involved, we do not offer refunds once the work has commenced. We encourage all potential clients to thoroughly review and understand the terms of service before committing.

Do you guarantee results?

We have a strong track record of success, which we can discuss in detail during our initial consultation or meeting. While we utilize advanced AI algorithms and a proven methodology to maximize the chances of success, the nature of fundraising does not allow us to guarantee results. There are many factors at play, including the quality of your pitch, the alignment with the investor's focus, and the overall market conditions, which are beyond our control.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

We offer customer support through email and a dedicated account manager to assist you throughout the fundraising process. Our business hours are tailored to accommodate clients across the United States and Europe, operating from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 9 AM to 6 PM Central European Time (CET), Monday through Friday.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely, data security is of utmost importance to us. All data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. We adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure your information is safe.

How can I get an invite to your platform?

As we are currently in stealth mode and operate on an invite-only basis, you can request an invite by filling out the form on our website or by reaching out to us directly via email.

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