Understanding the ROI with CapitalxAI

Discover how CapitalxAI boosts ROI: AI personalization, strategic planning, unified platforms, and cost-effective solutions for startups.

Jan 10, 2024
Understanding the ROI with CapitalxAI

Understanding the ROI with CapitalxAI


Return on Investment (ROI) is a crucial metric that helps organizations and individuals alike to measure the profitability and efficiency of their investments. For CapitalxAI, ROI isn’t just a financial metric but a comprehensive value that underscores time, effort, and resources saved. This is how we breakdown our ROI:

1. AI personalization and human review: 

The first aspect of ROI involves AI personalization coupled with human review for each contact while integrating data from over eight sources. This approach ensures that every interaction is tailored, enhancing engagement levels. Assuming an hourly rate of $100/hour spent on 3000 emails, this method results in a saving of 750 hours of work or approximately $75,000.

2. Strategic planning + Largest investor database + Proven outreach methods + Unified platform

Strategic planning by amalgamating the largest investor database with proven outreach methods and a unified platform, founders can navigate the investment landscape with precision and confidence. The tangible benefit here is not just in monetary terms - valued at $10,000 - but also in avoiding costly mistakes and leveraging past successes.

3. Subscription costs:

Today subscriptions for outreach tools, investor data, email verification services are indispensable but can be financially draining which would amount to at least $2,000/month. By working with CapitalxAI you are able to outsource the tasks to us, replacing over 15 software tools & subscriptions ensuring that founders have access to top-tier resources without the accompanying financial strain.

4. Campaign setup, copywriting, and management:

Lastly, we help in campaign setup along with copywriting & management which can be time-consuming processes requiring meticulous attention to detail. CapitalxAI streamlines these processes saving over 10 hours equating to about $1,000 in savings.

In totality when we look at these individual elements collectively, they represent an aggregate saving of $88,000 – a substantial amount, especially for startups and small enterprises where resource allocation needs to be optimized. By significantly reducing the time spent on emails and other ancillary tasks founders can focus on core business activities driving innovation and growth.

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