Empowering Financial Literacy: Sute's Strategic Partnership with CapitalxAI

Sute revolutionizes Gen Z financial literacy through influencer-led content and practical tools, enhancing investor outreach with CapitalxAI.

Jul 2, 2024
Empowering Financial Literacy: Sute's Strategic Partnership with CapitalxAI

Empowering Financial Literacy: Sute's Strategic Partnership with CapitalxAI


Sute, a pioneering financial education platform for Generation Z, leveraged CapitalxAI's AI-driven investor outreach tools to enhance their fundraising efforts. By streamlining their investor targeting and engagement, Sute significantly accelerated their journey toward securing essential funding.

Website: https://www.sute.app/

"Hi, I'm Cam, co-founder and CEO at Sute. At Sute, we're all about helping Gen Z get smart with their money. We use fun, relatable content from influencers Gen Z loves, and some serious AI tools to make managing money easier. We linked up with CapitalxAI because we really needed to find the right investors—people who understand what we're doing with fintech, AI, and content creators. But finding and connecting with these investors was taking up a lot of our time. We're a small team, only two of us, and I didn't have the capacity to spend all my time trying to source investors and write a custom approach to them.

Since we started our campaign with CapitalxAI, we've reached out to about 500 investors through emails and LinkedIn. We've already booked over 10 meetings. Our emails are opening at an 84% open rate and we're at about an 11% reply rate. We meet with the team every week, and we're testing different emails—that's really helped us sharpen our approach.

What I really appreciate about CapitalxAI is that whenever I want to double-check the personalizations or tweak the email copy, they're right there with me. We manage everything in their platform and on one Google Sheet, just to make sure everything is right. So, if you're looking to get your funding going and you don't have the capacity, or you just want to make it a little bit easier on yourself, linking up with CapitalxAI could be a great move."

Cameron Mulvey, Founder & CEO, Sute

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-mulvey-72731516a/

Key Metrics:

  • 84% open rate
  • 11% reply rate
  • 10 investor meetings within the initial weeks
  • Outreach to 500 investors

About Sute

Sute is a financial education platform designed to help Generation Z improve their financial literacy and empowerment through engaging content and practical tools. Based in New York City, Sute leverages popular finance influencers to create and share content. Co-founded by Cam Mulvey, a financial literacy advocate with experience at J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, and Tim Roe, a seasoned software engineer, Sute aims to revolutionize financial literacy for the digital age. Currently, Sute is in the pre-revenue stage, engaging creators for an alpha cohort, with plans for a beta launch in the second quarter.

Challenges Faced by Sute

Before partnering with CapitalxAI, Sute encountered several significant challenges:

  • Difficult Prospecting: Traditional methods made it challenging to identify and reach investors focused on education technology and financial literacy.
  • Limited Engagement: Crafting personalized communication was difficult, resulting in lower response rates and engagement from potential investors.
  • Lack of Verified Investor Data: Difficulty accessing relevant and verified investor data for education technology led to inefficient outreach and missed opportunities.
  • Time Constraints: The extensive time required for broad, untargeted outreach efforts hindered their ability to focus on strategic initiatives and quick fundraising.
  • Market Awareness: Raising awareness and interest among investors about their unique value proposition was a significant hurdle.

Decision Process

Sute needed a modern solution to overcome these outreach limitations. CapitalxAI’s promise of leveraging AI for precise investor targeting and engagement was a key factor in their decision-making process. After consultations among Sute's senior leadership, including Cam Mulvey and Tim Roe, focusing on the platform's real-time data capabilities and personalized outreach, Sute decided to partner with CapitalxAI.

The Solution and Implementation

CapitalxAI’s integration marked a pivotal shift in Sute's fundraising strategy. The platform’s precise targeting and personalization tools enabled direct access to a curated network of investors. The implementation process was streamlined, connecting CapitalxAI’s database with Sute’s CRM systems for an efficient, data-driven outreach process. We used to share the investor list and personalizations for Cam to verify before uploading them. Additionally, we conducted LinkedIn outreach alongside the email outreach. Swift and supportive onboarding ensured that Sute could quickly leverage the platform’s full potential.

Campaign Results

CapitalxAI’s partnership yielded remarkable outcomes for Sute:

  • Investor Meetings: Booked 10 investor meetings within the initial weeks of starting the outreach.
  • Effective Communication: Achieved an open rate of over 84% and a reply rate of over 11%.
  • Comprehensive Outreach: Reached out to 500 investors through LinkedIn & with a campaign of 3 emails and 12 follow-ups.
  • Responsive Reporting: Weekly meetings on Monday ensured ongoing responsiveness and adjustment of strategies.

Impact and Future Plans

CapitalxAI’s AI-powered tools not only secured crucial meetings with investors but also positioned Sute for long-term success. The partnership has paved the way for Sute to secure their platform development, close partnerships with content creators, and host their first beta cohort by Q4 2024. This success story demonstrates the transformative power of AI in the fundraising process, providing Sute with a robust foundation to achieve their ambitious goals.


Sute’s collaboration with CapitalxAI showcases the power of advanced AI technology in revolutionizing investor outreach and engagement. By leveraging CapitalxAI’s precision tools, Sute has significantly accelerated their fundraising efforts, positioning themselves as a leader in financial literacy for Generation Z. This case study underscores the critical role of strategic, data-driven communication in securing investment and driving innovation in financial education.

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