Elite Realty unlocks unparalleled access to global family offices

CapitalxAI fuels Elite Realty's growth, targeting family offices and luxury real estate investors efficiently.

Mar 6, 2024
Elite Realty unlocks unparalleled access to global family offices

Elite Realty Efficiently Targets Family Offices, Reducing Lead Costs In Luxury Real Estate

Elite Realty harnessed the power of CapitalxAI's advanced AI technology to penetrate new markets, aiming to serve high-end clientele in luxury real estate more effectively. This strategic move led to a substantial reduction in marketing costs, a surge in sales conversion rates, and a marked increase in operational efficiency, all without the need to expand the team. CapitalxAI's platform enabled Elite Realty to not only broaden its market reach but also strengthen its position as a premier name in the luxury real estate sector.

  • Notable decrease in cost-per-lead
  • Enhancement of sales conversion rates
  • Boost in office efficiency and productivity without adding more staff

About Elite Realty

Elite Realty specializes in the luxury real estate sector, focusing on exclusive property sales, private office services, and a suite of additional offerings for affluent clients. Although the company boasts a strong presence in France, Switzerland, and other European locales with over 100 agencies globally, it sought to expand its reach. The target was to connect with:

  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Global family offices with significant investment capabilities
  • Investors interested in luxury real estate across new geographical markets

Challenged Faced by Elite Realty

  • Need for Expansion: Elite Realty aimed to extend its luxury real estate services into unexplored markets.
  • Identifying Potential Clients: The primary obstacle was locating and engaging with new clients, especially family offices in these new areas.
  • Limitations of Traditional Methods: Existing contacts and conventional approaches proved inadequate for the desired pace and scope of expansion.

Decision Process

After analyzing various platforms that promised high-quality, actionable leads, Elite Realty chose CapitalxAI for its comprehensive capabilities in AI-powered investor discovery and personalized outreach. The decision-making process, led by senior management, emphasized the importance of a solution that could offer efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and swift market entry.

The Solution and Implementation

CapitalxAI granted Elite Realty access to its platform, replete with a vast database of global investors tailored for the luxury real estate market. This allowed Elite Realty to specifically target new regions, utilizing CapitalxAI’s tools for personalized communications and outreach. The smooth and effective implementation process facilitated immediate, impactful engagements in new markets.

Campaign Results

The partnership with CapitalxAI delivered outstanding outcomes for Elite Realty:

  • Cost-per-lead saw a significant reduction, optimizing marketing resource allocation.
  • Sales conversion rates experienced a notable increase, with personalized messaging resonating deeply with the targeted high-end clientele.
  • Operational efficiency improved without increasing the workforce, thanks to the platform's automated features and AI-driven processes.

On a qualitative level, Elite Realty successfully achieved its expansion objectives, elevating its brand among luxury real estate investors worldwide. This initiative not only supported the company's growth into new territories but also reinforced Elite Realty’s image as an innovative and leading entity in the luxury real estate landscape.

Client names have been omitted or altered to uphold confidentiality agreements and ensure privacy.

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