Data-driven solution for general partners

Gain access to 60,000 LPs seeking investments across VCs, PEs, Hedge Funds, and more, enhancing your capital raising efforts.

AI matchmaking expertise to get you funded

Leading Startup Consultancy Services with Comprehensive Investor Networking.

Tailored strategy

Benefit from a customized approach considering capital needs, fund size, sector, and more for precise targeting.

Maximize Your Funding with Our Customized Investor Lists and Startup Consulting.

Investment thesis alignment

Get a curated list of LPs matching your fund strategy for better alignment and potential success.

Leading Startup Consultancy Services with Comprehensive Investor Networking.

 Diverse LP categories

Increase your chances by accessing our database and finding the most compatible LP categories for you.

Startup Success Partner: Consulting Services and Investor List Management.

Proactive investor engagement

CapitalxAI's specialists actively engage with investors, boosting your representation.

Expert Guidance in Startup Fundraising with Strategic Investor List Compilation.

Extensive outreach program

Connect with over 500 investors weekly, expanding your investor network and opportunities.

Transform Your Startup with our Consultancy Services and Investor Networking.

Sector-specific expertise

Leverage our wide LP network and in-depth sector knowledge for strategic relationships and capital raising.

Our expertise

Access our extensive network of over 60,000 diverse LPs, including high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, to significantly broaden your investment opportunities.

Get Your Startup Funded: Consulting Services with Extensive Investor Contacts.

Customized audience list

Access a list of investors filtered by category, location, sector, and size, maximizing your outreach relevance.

Innovative Startup Consulting with Access to Exclusive Investor Lists.

Personalized engagement

Benefit from our personal introduction and engagement services, extending your reach under your identity.

Startup Growth Accelerated: Professional Consulting and Investor Network Access.

Data-driven campaigns

Leverage our data and tech for efficient fundraising, with LP investment monitoring for relevant matches.

Unlock Potential with Our Startup Consulting and Investor Matching Expertise.

Flexible pricing options

Choose from various pricing plans to suit your unique funding requirements.

Startup Success Partner: Consulting Services and Investor List Management.

Strategic campaign analysis

Receive monthly statistical analyses for ongoing campaign optimization.

Expert Guidance in Startup Fundraising with Strategic Investor List Compilation.

Expert LP engagement

Our experts build relationships and vet LPs, ensuring high-quality matches for your fundraising goals.

Frequently asked questions

Who is a general partner?

General Partners (GPs) are authorized to manage the fund and select the investments for their portfolios. Additionally, they are tasked with securing capital commitments from investors, referred to as Limited Partners (LPs).

Who is a limited partner?

Limited Partners (LPs) provide the capital for a venture capital fund but do not hold the responsibility for decision-making, a role that is reserved for the General Partner or Fund Manager.

Why choose CapitalxAI to find Limited partners?

CapitalxAI elevates your capital-raising endeavors with a skilled team and cutting-edge AI technology, optimizing the process of reaching out to and engaging with investors. Our method provides all-encompassing assistance - from preparing to meet investors, pinpointing the ideal ones, and arranging meetings, to ultimately securing investments. CapitalxAI's fund placement services grant access to over 60,000 LPs. This expansive network includes High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs), family offices, and a range of institutional investors.

How does CapitalxAI run the process?

CapitalxAI engages with investors through many platforms but the major platforms are: Email and LinkedIn. Our outreach communication is tailored to align with each client's specific needs and preferences.

Who can avail the fund placement services?

This includes Venture capital/Private Equities, Hedge Funds, Credit Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Asset Management Companies, Special Purpose Vehicle deals, and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, spanning diverse sectors and regions.

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