TradeNexis diversifies investor base for private credit investments

TradeNexis uses CapitalxAI to target institutional investors and family offices for Luxembourg-based credit notes.

Mar 6, 2024
TradeNexis diversifies investor base for private credit investments

TradeNexis Leveraging CapitalxAI for Investor Engagement


  • Overview of TradeNexis: New York-based fintech firm specializing in digitization of assets within private markets.
  • Role of CapitalxAI: AI-powered platform assisting TradeNexis in connecting with diverse array of investors.

Challenge: Attracting Investments in the Private Credit Sector

  • Engagement Objective: TradeNexis seeks to attract institutional investors and family offices for private credit investments in the European Economic Area and the UK.
  • Target Investment Range: US$200k to US$10m.
  • Offer: Luxembourg-based credit notes with quarterly coupon rates of 6-10% p.a., backed by a collateral framework.

Custom Strategy by CapitalxAI

1. Targeted Investor Categories:

  1. Family Offices: Flexible investment strategies, focus on private credit.
  2. Pension Funds: Allocation to private credit, EEA/UK focus.
  3. Insurance Companies: Seeking attractive returns, asset-backed investments.
  4. Wealth Management Firms: Diversification for affluent clients' portfolios.
  5. Endowments and Foundations: Alternative investments for steady returns.
  6. Private Banks: High-net-worth client focus, asset-guaranteed opportunities.
  7. Asset Managers and Fund of Funds: Pooling capital for alternative investments.
  8. Private Debt Funds: Co-investment opportunities, risk diversification.
  9. Boutique Investment Firms: Niche-oriented, aligned with investment objectives.

2. Personalized Pitches

  • Tailored to match each investor category's investment strategies and risk-return preferences.

3. Process

  • AI-powered investor discovery and intelligent outreach by CapitalxAI.
  • Creation of personalized pitches.
  • Facilitating successful engagements and partnerships.

Campaign Results

  • Leveraging the platform's capabilities, TradeNexis crafted personalized pitches targeting specific investor categories.
  • The result was a successful engagement with CapitalxAI, leading to increased interest and investment in TradeNexis's private credit offerings.
  • CapitalxAI's technology ensured efficient outreach campaign management, providing insights into the entire fundraising campaign.
  • With programs underway to enhance outreach campaign management through Slack and email, TradeNexis feels confident in pursuing initiatives, knowing that CapitalxAI is in place to assist in managing and measuring outreach.

TradeNexis successfully leveraged CapitalxAI's platform for targeted investor engagement, leading to enhanced outreach and partnership opportunities in the private credit sector.

Client names have been omitted or altered to uphold confidentiality agreements and ensure privacy.

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