124 investor replies for founders with no prior VC contacts

With no personal connections in the VC industry, SmartNodeAI utilized CapitalxAI to land 34 relevant investor meetings.

Mar 6, 2024
124 investor replies for founders with no prior VC contacts

34 Meetings Even Without Founding Team's Connections in the VC Industry

SmartNodeAI, a groundbreaking startup specializing in superior indoor navigation technology, faced considerable challenges in accessing venture capital due to a lack of industry connections and warm introductions. By partnering with CapitalxAI, SmartNodeAI leveraged advanced AI technology to identify and engage with the right investors efficiently. This collaboration resulted in 124 investor replies, 34 scheduled meetings with relevant investors, and 56 requests for detailed presentations, showcasing CapitalxAI's impactful approach in transforming the fundraising journey for startups.

  • Investor Replies: 124
  • Scheduled Meetings: 34
  • Deck Requests: 56

About SmartNodeAI

SmartNodeAI stands at the forefront of the B2B, IoT, and DeepTech sectors, crafting an indoor navigation solution that surpasses the capabilities of existing platforms like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Tom Tom. Despite the founder's impressive academic background, with a Ph.D. and 90 publications, the startup grappled with significant hurdles in penetrating the venture capital ecosystem due to a lack of personal connections in the fundraising industry.

Challenges Faced by SmartNodeAI

The primary obstacle SmartNodeAI encountered was gaining access to the right investors who possessed the industry insight and interest in investing in cutting-edge indoor navigation technology. This challenge was compounded by the absence of personal relationships within the fundraising sphere, making it difficult for SmartNodeAI to secure the necessary capital to scale their innovation.

Decision Process

In search of a solution, SmartNodeAI embarked on a journey to find a partner that could bridge the gap between their groundbreaking technology and the investment community. After evaluating various options, the choice became clear: CapitalxAI's promise of leveraging AI to connect startups with the most suitable investors based on a deep analysis of investment focus and history was exactly what SmartNodeAI needed.

Solution and Implementation

CapitalxAI provided SmartNodeAI with an AI-powered investor discovery platform that analyzed over a million websites to pinpoint ideal investors. The platform's ability to craft personalized and dynamic pitches, coupled with a persistent email strategy, maximized investor engagement. Real-time data scanning ensured that all investor information was current and accurate, significantly boosting SmartNodeAI's outreach success.

Campaign Results

The partnership with CapitalxAI was transformative for SmartNodeAI, culminating in remarkable achievements:

  • 124 investor replies, indicating a high level of interest generated among potential investors.
  • 34 scheduled meetings with relevant investors, opening doors to detailed discussions and potential partnerships.
  • 56 requests for presentations, allowing SmartNodeAI to showcase their innovative solution in depth.

Quantitatively and qualitatively, SmartNodeAI not only met their initial goals and objectives but also established valuable connections within the investor community.

Client names have been omitted or altered to uphold confidentiality agreements and ensure privacy.

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