6-figure strategic partnership deal with a top NYC investment bank

NYC bank partners with CapitalxAI to boost client intake capacity and fundraising success, signing a six-figure deal after a 3-month pilot.

Mar 6, 2024
6-figure strategic partnership deal with a top NYC investment bank

CapitalxAI & NYC Investment Bank Forge Strategic Partnership


CapitalxAI is proud to announce our partnership with a leading investment bank, revolutionizing the way fundraising is managed and executed.

The partnership, valued at a six-figure contract, was formalized following a comprehensive 3-month pilot and rigorous testing by the bank. Throughout this period, the entire CapitalxAI team engaged closely to address all concerns, leading to the development of custom features now integrated into the CapitalxAI product suite. With the pilot's successful outcomes, the bank is set to onboard all its clients to take advantage of CapitalxAI's advanced services.

Founded in 1976, the investment bank boasts a presence in four countries: its headquarters in New York, offices across the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As a Forbes Global 5000 company, it has established a worldwide network specializing in fundraising strategy, financial modeling, research & analysis, capital structuring, and M&A advisory. Its client base spans diverse sectors, including funds, deals, private equity, special purpose vehicles, startups, and family offices. The investment bank operates through three business units: Investment and Business Services (IBS), Financial Engineering and R&D Services (FERS), and Products & Platforms (P&P).

This collaboration signifies a major leap forward in the investment banking sector, offering unparalleled benefits to the bank and its esteemed clients.

The Challenges With Fundraising

1. Inefficient Investor Outreach

Problem: Founders often reach out to a large number of investors, sometimes approaching fewer than 200, in their fundraising efforts. However, this approach frequently results in unsuccessful fundraising. The most successful founders understand the importance of creating a sense of urgency or Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) among investors. This is achieved by scheduling multiple venture capital meetings in a short timeframe to encourage quick decision-making. Relying solely on warm introductions is often insufficient in generating the necessary momentum for successful fundraising.

Solution: Emphasize the strategy of creating FOMO among investors by securing multiple meetings in a condensed period. Founders should focus on building a compelling narrative that highlights the unique value proposition of their venture, thereby making it a not-to-be-missed opportunity for investors. This approach encourages investors to act swiftly to avoid missing out on a potentially lucrative investment.

2. Poor Email Deliverability

Problem: A significant obstacle in reaching out to potential investors is the poor deliverability rates of emails. There are over 40 common pitfalls that can result in emails being marked as spam, drastically reducing the chances of your pitch being seen by the intended recipients. For most businesses, navigating these challenges can be daunting, leading to inefficiencies in outreach efforts.

Solution: CapitalxAI addresses this challenge by employing advanced strategies to improve email deliverability. By circumventing more than 40 known email deliverability pitfalls, CapitalxAI ensures that pitches land in the investor's primary inbox, significantly increasing the likelihood of engagement. This solution leverages technical and strategic email practices to enhance visibility and response rates from potential investors.

3. Inaccessible Investor Contacts

Problem: Another major hurdle in fundraising is the absence of accurate contact information for key investment figures, such as partners, vice-presidents, limited partners (LPs), or general partners (GPs). Common data providers and platforms often claim to offer verified emails, but many investors restrict the sharing of their contact information on these platforms, making it difficult to reach them directly.

Solution: CapitalxAI tackles this issue through meticulous manual research. By deploying a dedicated research team to find and verify email addresses manually, CapitalxAI ensures comprehensive and broad outreach to potential investors. This method guarantees access to accurate and up-to-date contact information, facilitating direct and effective communication with high-level investment decision-makers.

Transforming Investment Banking and Client Fundraising

Here's how our joint venture is setting new standards in the financial world:

1. Enhanced Deal Sourcing and Due Diligence

  • AI-driven Analysis: Through our partnership, the bank now utilizes our advanced AI capabilities, powered by GPT-4, for a deeper and more rapid analysis of potential investment opportunities. This collaboration extends to analyzing extensive data across websites, significantly enhancing the due diligence process.
  • Real-time Data: The bank benefits from access to current investor information, greatly improving the accuracy of market analyses and investment decisions.

2. Streamlined Fundraising Processes for Clients

  • Efficient Capital Raising: By integrating their clients with CapitalxAI, the bank has streamlined the fundraising process, making it quicker and more efficient. This advantage is particularly crucial for clients aiming to raise venture capital.
  • Personalized Outreach: Our platform's ability to craft personalized pitches has notably increased the success rate of fundraising efforts, offering direct benefits to the bank's clients.

3. Improved Investor Relations and Networking

  • Access to a Vast Network: Our partnership has provided the bank access to a database of over 60,000+ investors, significantly expanding their network and offering their clients a wider range of potential funding sources.
  • Targeted Connections: The bank now leverages our AI-powered investor discovery tool, ensuring that outreach is more accurately directed towards investors likely to be interested in the opportunities presented by the bank's clients.

4. Operational Efficiency and Automation

  • Automated Communication: Our platform's features, like automated follow-up and a unified master inbox, have streamlined investor interactions for investment bankers, saving valuable time.
  • Integration with Existing Tools: The bank enjoys seamless integration of CapitalxAI with their existing operational framework, enhancing productivity without disrupting current workflows.

5. Competitive Advantage

  • Innovative Service Offering: Offering CapitalxAI as part of their service suite has allowed the bank to differentiate itself from competitors, providing cutting-edge technology solutions to their clients.
  • Higher Success Rates: The partnership has improved efficiency and effectiveness in fundraising, enhancing the bank's reputation for successful deals and attracting more clients.

6. Data-Driven Insights

  • Market and Investment Insights: Our AI analysis capabilities provide the bank and its clients with valuable insights into market trends, investor behavior, and potential investment opportunities.

7. Cost and Time Savings

  • Reduced Time to Close: The streamlined fundraising process, courtesy of our collaboration, saves the bank and its clients significant time, allowing them to concentrate on other strategic business areas.
  • Optimized Resource Allocation: The automation and efficiency gains from using CapitalxAI enable the bank to allocate their human and financial resources more effectively, potentially leading to cost savings.

Our partnership with the bank on CapitalxAI platform significantly boosts their value proposition, offering clients a more efficient, effective, and personalized fundraising experience. Additionally, the bank benefits from operational efficiencies and data-driven insights, marking a significant milestone in their service offering.

The Tools CapitalxAI Replaces

From lead enrichment and investor research to unified communications, CapitalxAI replaces the following tools:

  • Lead Data: PitchBook, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Apollo
  • Intelligence & Enrichment: Clearbit, Lusha, Sense
  • Email Validation: ZeroBounce, NeverBounce, Kickbox
  • Personalized Email Writing: ChatGPT, Jasper AI, Copy AI
  • Email Warming: Warmbox, MailReach, Snov
  • Drip Campaigns: Outreach, Apollo, Hunter
  • Email Tracking: Mailtrack, MailTracker, Superhuman
  • Unified Mailbox: Spike, Spark Mail, MailBird
  • Unified LinkedIn: Expandi, Waalaxy, Zopto
CapitalxAI provides an all-in-one platform to effortlessly manage fundraising for all clients.

Offloading All Clients To CapitalxAI

The investment bank uses CapitalxAI to connect founders and funds with the right investors, partners, and contacts who are in the relevant industry and grasp their vision.

  • Raising Equity: A client that is a startup or company seeking to raise equity will leverage the CapitalxAI platform to identify the right investors. Based on the startup's profile, industry, and unique value proposition, AI curates a list of potential equity partners, and outreach begins. Targeted messaging gets the investor's attention, and securing a meeting increases, elevating the qualified pipeline.
  • Raising Debt: When an established company needs to raise debt, private credit, or private notes, the platform identifies appropriate private debt funds, financial institutions, asset managers, or bond investors. With CapitalxAI's intelligence, pitches are aligned to emphasize the security of the investment, the company's creditworthiness, and the growth potential.
  • Raising AUM: CapitalxAI helps financial firms grow their AUM by using AI to match them with suitable high-net-worth individuals, Funds of Funds, and institutional investors, based on their investment style and performance. It aids in crafting personalized pitches to attract and retain these investors, thus boosting AUM efficiently.
Our software and AI models track 60K+ investors across 24+ categories.

White-Glove Service To Handle AI Discrepancies

In Lightspeed's 2023 Sales and GTM Benchmark Report, 75% of companies expressed interest in using an AI-driven solution for outreach. However, their main hesitation concerns AI's ability to handle nuances and discrepancies. At CapitalxAI, we address these concerns through several key strategies:

  • Rigorous Manual Review: Before sending, each email undergoes a thorough review by our investment analysts to ensure protection against any AI-generated discrepancies.
  • AI Model Fine-tuning and Adjustments: We manually onboard each client. For instance, if you are a healthcare SaaS startup, we ensure that we EXCLUDE investors solely interested in biotech, focusing only on those who align with your domain.
  • Expert Involvement: We involve highly skilled professionals or experts in AI to understand and rectify complex issues that investment associates might not be equipped to handle.
  • Feedback Integration: We actively incorporate user feedback into AI system improvements to ensure that the service evolves in response to user needs and experiences.
AI personalizations to show why a company is a fit in the investor's portfolio.
"AI's success hinges on the balance of manual insight and continuous model refinement."

CapitalxAI: The AI-Copilot For Fundraising

The investment bank's clients will benefit immensely from this partnership, experiencing a streamlined, efficient, and ultra-modern approach to raising capital.

  • 50% faster deal closure: CapitalxAI expedites the deal-making process, ensuring quicker negotiations and agreements.
  • 3x higher investor response: Leveraging AI for tailored and targeted communications, clients experience a threefold surge in engagement from prospective investors.
  • 2x increased meeting conversion: CapitalxAI improves investor matching quality, doubling the rate of effective meetings that culminate in successful transactions.
Book investor meetings on autopilot.

In summary, our partnership with the investment bank not only elevates the fundraising experience for clients but also brings about significant operational efficiencies and insights. Together, we are redefining the landscape of investment banking, making it more efficient, effective, and tailored to the needs of today's businesses.

Maximize Intake Without Compromising Service Quality

For startup consultants, investment banks, hedge funds, startups, and financial advisory firms, reliance on limited relationships and the absence of an effective technology stack often result in constrained client success. Commonly, these institutions source data from identical platforms such as Pitchbook, and resort to sending cold emails for outreach. For those institutions and businesses eager to revolutionize their fundraising journey and deeply committed to client success, CapitalxAI represents the future.

By delegating your entire workload to our AI-powered investor relations (IR) representative, you can transform your fundraising process and outreach strategy.

Note: Client names have been omitted or altered to uphold confidentiality agreements and ensure privacy.

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