March 8, 2024

What analytics do you provide?

Dive into detailed campaign analytics, including email performance, investor engagement, and A/B testing.

We organize weekly meetings with your investment analyst, where we present a detailed report encompassing a variety of statistics and insights:

  • Campaign Top-Level Analytics: This section provides an overview of the overall performance of your campaign, including metrics such as the total number of emails sent (accounting for sequences), open rates, reply rates, and the total number of investors engaged.

  • Investor Responses: An in-depth analysis of all conversations with investors, providing a comprehensive overview of the engagement and relationships built through our services. This information includes the names and email addresses of investors, enabling you to reach out to them for your future fundraising rounds as well.

  • Monthly Campaign Summary: A consolidated report summarizing the campaign activities, outcomes, and key performance indicators over the month.

  • Weekly Campaign Summary: In alignment with our weekly discussions, this summary offers a detailed view of your campaign's performance on a weekly basis, enabling timely adjustments and strategy refinements.

  • Email Health & Spam Reputation Analytics: Vital statistics and advice to improve your email delivery rates and ensure your communications reach the investors' primary inbox, thus enhancing engagement potential.

  • Email Sequence and A/B Testing Statistics: Insights from testing different email sequences and content strategies, providing data on what approaches yield the best engagement based on our past successes.

  • Email Sequence Efficiency Metrics: Detailed analytics on email sequence timings, reading time, and word count, aimed at identifying the most effective practices for engaging investors.

These reports and analytics are designed to offer you a clear, actionable insight into your campaign's performance, helping to drive successful investor engagement and support your fundraising endeavors.

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