March 11, 2024

Is CapitalxAI a product or service?

CapitalxAI: A productized service blending AI with strategic fundraising expertise.

CapitalxAI is a productized service for founders to raise capital leveraging the latest advancements in AI. Think of us as your investor relations rep. We offer fundraising as a service and provide a tech stack to automate repetitive tasks, bringing transparency to the process.

We provide strategic expertise, careful planning, and clear communication with potential investors, leveraging the most accurate and extensive investor database for outreach. Our deep understanding of your market and the fundraising environment, combined with insights from past fundraising campaigns, positions us uniquely to support your efforts.

We collaborate with you to create a flexible outreach plan targeting partners, principals, associates, VPs, and angels. Additionally, we manually find missing emails for each contact, ensuring a thorough approach. Before sending, each email undergoes a thorough review by our investment analyst ensuring protection against any AI-generated discrepancies. Our method includes A/B testing and iterative optimization. We craft and refine email copies based on empirical data, aiming to maximize your fundraising success.

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